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The Ultimate Guide to Espresso Serving Styles

Do you know the difference between a cappuccino and a dry cappuccino? What about a breve, a mocha breve and a mocha? Have you ever even heard of a cafe bombon? If your answer is no, but you love coffee -especially espresso, then you’ll love this fantastic espresso styles infographic by Pop Chart Lab.

In response to the questions above, a cappuccino has foamed milk and steamed milk, while a dry cappuccino only has foamed milk; a breve has half and half, a mocha breve has half and half with chocolate and a mocha has chocolate and steamed milk; and a cafe bombon has creme and sweetened condensed milk.

Of course, if you get a hold of this chart and someone asks you for a black eye, be sure you start brewing up some espresso and American coffee instead of rushing over and cold cock him in the face.



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