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The Benefits of a Massage

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The Benefits of a Massage

When in pain or plagued with a headache, most people turn to pain relievers like Aspirin or Ibuprofen. If those don’t help, the next step is usually to go see a doctor for a prescription pain killer, some of which can be become dangerously addicting. Likewise, when stressed out or having trouble sleeping, some people go to their doctor for a prescription, while others may turn to herbs, homeopathy or home remedies.

What many don’t realize though is that most of these issues can also be relieved by a nice massage. Massages are a healthy alternative to prescriptions and OTC medicines; not only do they feel great, but they’re extremely relaxing.

The Benefits of a Massage Infographic

    The infographic above outlines some of the benefits of a massage. You may be surprised to know just how effective a massage can be for relieving headaches, reducing stress, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and more. Plus, with all the different types of massages available, you can really target what’s ailing you. What’s your favorite type of massage?

    Have You Tried Fixing it With Massage? | Daily Cup of Massage

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