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How To Move Out Of Your Parents' Home

Although there’s no shame in living with your parents’, there comes a time when we must move out and begin our own independent lives. For many, this is often more challenging than it appears. Luckily we can help!

At the time this infographic was created, 44% of those ages 18-34 lived at home with their parents in the US. This appears to be a huge number but the age gap is quite large, so don’t start panicking  if you’re one of them. 25% of those are employed but many of them are underemployed, leaving many of them in a tricky situation.

So what are you to do? Firstly, you must find a more sufficient job to begin your quest to get your own place. Once you’ve applied the tips in this infographic and hopefully acquired a job, you must begin to save and invest. Seems easy enough? 


How To Move Out Of Your Mother’s Basement | Timothy Sykes

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