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17 Things That Happen to Clumsy People, As Told By GIFs

  1. When people ask you how you got a cut or bruise and it’s from one of your clumsy moments:
  2. You could just simply be walking and have a random clumsy moment like this: 
  3. When you need to leave an upsetting or awkward situation and you walk away to leave, something like this happens: 
  4. When you wear high heels and you’re walking extremely slow or in a very cautious way, it’s to prevent you from doing this:
  5. When you have a clumsy moment while on your first alcoholic drink and people think you’re drunk: 
  6. Tripping over something in front of people or tripping into something exactly like this has happened to you before in some shape or form:  
  7. When your parents yell at you to “pay more attention to what you’re doing”:
  8. When you try to look seductive: 
  9. When you thought you were going to have a clumsy moment and didn’t: 
  10. When you have a clumsy moment, you can feel people judging you the entire time and your reaction is:
  11. When you find yourself constantly tripping over gravity:
  12. When you try to walk on ice: 
  13. Your skills at riding a bike are pretty questionable, even when you’ve been riding a bike for years… ESPECIALLY mountain biking: 
  14. When you can’t walk in a straight line:
  15. When you’re embarrassed of your awkward dancing skills: 
  16. When you find yourself spilling or breaking something, you constantly say:
  17. When you’ve finally learned to embrace your clumsiness: 

But really, at the end of the day you’re like: 

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