19 Funny GIFs To Cheer You Up

19 Funny GIFs To Cheer You Up

1. “I just love that Bandit Mix cat food. Don't you?”

    2. “Excuse me, I believe that's my door.”

      3. The dog who fell head over heels for food.

        4. “Excuse me, I'm trying to watch 101 Dalmatians.”

          5. The elephant who said, “Ain't anyone got time for that.”

            6. And I thought I was bad at bowling.


              7. The guy who wanted to train for a marathon.


                  9. *oinks* A pig decided to go on a diet.

                    10. The kid who got blown away by a baseball.

                      11. “Ahhhh, now that hits the spot.”

                        12. “Say Whaaaaaaatttttttt?”

                          13. “Get outta the way!”

                            14. Don't try this at a car wash, folks.

                              15. Curiosity killed the cat.

                                16. “Quick, get in the Batmobile!”

                                  17. It's all sh**s and giggles until someone breaks a window.

                                    18. The guy who learned very quickly that you can't always enjoy golf.

                                      19. “Man, I'm just parched.”

                                        And here's some extra GIFs if you wanted more.

                                         20. “I'm so excited you're home!”

                                          21. “I don't like your shoes.”

                                            22. This girl has some mad twerkin' skills.

                                              23. “Oh, my blinker isn't working. Let me fix that.”

                                                24. The guy who casually wanted to go swimming.

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                                                  Last Updated on January 21, 2020

                                                  How to Motivate People Around You and Inspire Them

                                                  How to Motivate People Around You and Inspire Them

                                                  If I was a super hero I’d want my super power to be the ability to motivate everyone around me. Think of how many problems you could solve just by being able to motivate people towards their goals. You wouldn’t be frustrated by lazy co-workers. You wouldn’t be mad at your partner for wasting the weekend in front of the TV. Also, the more people around you are motivated toward their dreams, the more you can capitalize off their successes.

                                                  Being able to motivate people is key to your success at work, at home, and in the future because no one can achieve anything alone. We all need the help of others.

                                                  So, how to motivate people? Here are 7 ways to motivate others even you can do.


                                                  1. Listen

                                                  Most people start out trying to motivate someone by giving them a lengthy speech, but this rarely works because motivation has to start inside others. The best way to motivate others is to start by listening to what they want to do. Find out what the person’s goals and dreams are. If it’s something you want to encourage, then continue through these steps.

                                                  2. Ask Open-Ended Questions

                                                  Open-ended questions are the best way to figure out what someone’s dreams are. If you can’t think of anything to ask, start with, “What have you always wanted to do?”

                                                  “Why do you want to do that?”


                                                  “What makes you so excited about it?”

                                                  “How long has that been your dream?”

                                                  You need this information the help you with the following steps.


                                                  3. Encourage

                                                  This is the most important step, because starting a dream is scary. People are so scared they will fail or look stupid, many never try to reach their goals, so this is where you come in. You must encourage them. Say things like, “I think you will be great at that.” Better yet, say, “I think your skills in X will help you succeed.” For example if you have a friend who wants to own a pet store, say, “You are so great with animals, I think you will be excellent at running a pet store.”

                                                  4. Ask About What the First Step Will Be

                                                  After you’ve encouraged them, find how they will start. If they don’t know, you can make suggestions, but it’s better to let the person figure out the first step themselves so they can be committed to the process.

                                                  5. Dream

                                                  This is the most fun step, because you can dream about success. Say things like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if your business took off, and you didn’t have to work at that job you hate?” By allowing others to dream, you solidify the motivation in place and connect their dreams to a future reality.


                                                  6. Ask How You Can Help

                                                  Most of the time, others won’t need anything from you, but it’s always good to offer. Just letting the person know you’re there will help motivate them to start. And, who knows, maybe your skills can help.

                                                  7. Follow Up

                                                  Periodically, over the course of the next year, ask them how their goal is going. This way you can find out what progress has been made. You may need to do the seven steps again, or they may need motivation in another area of their life.

                                                  Final Thoughts

                                                  By following these seven steps, you’ll be able to encourage the people around you to achieve their dreams and goals. In return, you’ll be more passionate about getting to your goals, you’ll be surrounded by successful people, and others will want to help you reach your dreams …

                                                  Oh, and you’ll become a motivational super hero. Time to get a cape!

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