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9 Habits Successful People Keep To Stay Healthier Than The Rest

Written by Emma Carty
Art Director and Fashion Blogger
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Even though successful people have a very busy life and always seem to be running from A to B, this does not mean they neglect health and risk suffering negative consequences that may deter them from enjoying life and finding that perfect balance.

Introducing small healthy habits into the daily routine can have largely beneficial effects in the long term. These habits are easy to incorporate into the day and will ensure that even though successful people have a busy life, they will also have good health and be able to achieve more each day as they will have more energy.

Here are 9 healthy habits that the world-class successful people stick to every SINGLE day!

They drink a cup of hot water with lemon first thing


    Celebrities like Cate Blanchett swear by this simple yet very effective morning ritual. This technique will detox your body and leave you to start off your day with a clean slate. It will also give you a little pick me up meaning that you will arrive to work feeling perky and ready for anything!

    They set an intention every morning


      Writing down your intentions can be a very positive action for your soul and inner well being. By writing down your good intentions you are raising your awareness and consciousness and focusing your mind on your day ahead. Deepak Chopra writes down things that he is grateful for also as he finds this helps to remove his ego and help him to get in touch with his spirit. Surely a thing to keep in mind!

      They stop and meditiate


        Mediation is extremely beneficial for your mental health and well being if you are feeling stressed or have a big day ahead. Setting aside 10 minutes in the morning to sit in quiet and take stock will do wonders for your focus during the day. Arianna Huffington is a great advocator of meditation to maintain your sanity and achieve success through busy days at work.

        They join a morning fitness gang


          Going to the gym first thing for a workout will wake you up and make you feel prepared for the day ahead. Sometimes the temptation may arise to hit the snooze button so by joining a group you and your friends can motivate each other to get up and go! Just like fitness beauty Cameron Diaz and her pals.

          They pack snacks on-the-go


            You never know what the day is going to bring when you have a busy and successful career. Therefore there may be a big gap between your meals and hanger is an enemy of busy women! Make sure you have a snack with you at all times to combat this happening and give you energy just when you need it. For snacking on the go, bring some nuts or nutrition bars, as they are small enough to fit in your bag and give you lots of energy from a very little amounts. Molly Sims likes to pack a bag of raw almonds as they are loaded with health benefits and easy to carry around and have to hand.

            They fit in time with friends


              This is a must! Spending time with the people you love and whose company you value is an essential part of self care. You can relax and be yourself and forget about your stressful life for a while. Laughter is the best medicine after all and you have the best laugh with your nearest and dearest. Think of Taylor Swift and her ‘girl crew.’ Where would she be without them!


              They plan social detox time

              Try to set a time at night to turn off all your devices and just relax and be at one with yourself and your family. You need some time every day to recharge and be out of contact, if only for a hour. This will also give your brain and your eyes a well needed rest and help you to sleep better. Gwyneth Paltrow follows this practice and swears by the benefits she receives for her inner health and well being.

              They get outside


                Everyone nowadays is lacking in Vitamin D because of the amount of time we spend working and at our desks. This is especially true if you have a successful career. But if you can leave your desk for a few minutes to take a walk around, you will notice the benefits. Try to get out of the office for lunch at least once or twice a week and sit outside. It will lift your mood and the Vitamin D will up your energy level. You could also take up a hobby that takes you outside, Catherine Zeta Jones is a big fan of golf, which gets you lots of fresh air and also allows you to socialise with friends.

                They get plenty of shut-eye


                  Everyone has a different amount of hours sleep that they need each night but the general rule is to get between 7-8 hours. Lack of sleep can lead to a faster burnout and exhaustion. To be at your optimum best in work and in life, sleep is an essential factor. Rest and recuperation will result in energy filled and productive days. Also try to get vacation time in at least twice a year, to recharge those batteries. Kate Moss always takes a vacation after a big campaign to rest up and get ready for the next one.

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