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5 Ways Social Media Helps Relationships More Than It Hurts

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Social media has a bad reputation when it comes to relationships. Perhaps it’s the public mention of relationship status on Facebook that has people worried. It’s also likely that the old fashioned saying, “keep your business to yourself,” is in the back of people’s minds as they view other people’s relationships online. Whatever the reason, it turns out, everyone is worried for no reason at all.

Experts say that social media helps relationships about 13% more than it hurts them. In a recent study, Pew Research discovered that social media has an impact on 66% of relationships. But, contrary to popular belief, this impact is usually positive. For long term relationships, Pew reports that the impact is much larger and much more positive. Some couples do report that social media causes friction in their relationships, but much of this tension could have been avoided.

Here are four ways that you can strengthen your relationship by using social media.

1. Share Your Passwords

It may seem like an invasion of privacy, but in relationships, secrecy can be dangerous. Even if your partner never actually accesses your social media accounts, the fact that you were willing to share your password will set them at ease. This is because sharing promotes trust.

In the Pew experiment, 67% of married couples or those in committed long term relationships shared their social media passwords and claim that their relationships were positively impacted because of it.

2. Create Couple Accounts

Sometimes, it’s better to present yourself to the public as one unit. This is not just true for public events, but also on social media. Having joint social media accounts means that you and your partner keep the same friend circle and are invited to the same functions. In other words, it makes you much closer.

3. Love Like A Young Person

Research shows that young adult relationships are more successful than that of older couples and it’s all thanks to social media. For teens specifically, 59% of young people say that social media enhances their relationship by making them feel closer to their significant other. Also, seeing their partner publically share news of their relationship, makes 47% of teen feel more cared for. These figures vary among genders, and according to the experts, men get more relationship satisfaction from social media than women, especially if they are young.

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It’s the belief of many that relationships should be easy. This is untrue. All relationships have issues, but love should at least be effortless. Social media is one way to show your love for your significant other with very little effort.

4. Love Like A Man

It is said that men usually fall in love deeper and faster. So, it’s no surprise that statistics show that 65% of teen boys look to social media for gratification on the stability of their relationship and to feel more love. Compared to the boys, only 37% of teen girls do the same. These statistics don’t change much when looking at the adult population.

So whether it’s by sharing passwords, creating couple accounts or simply making sure you and your partner are on the same page with what you both choose to share; you should make sure social media adds satisfaction to your love life.

5. Love, Honestly

We all know that sometimes, people falsely portray themselves on social media. But what most people don’t know is that using technology makes people more inclined, to tell the truth, thusly, revealing their genuine selves. Sometimes, for relationships, this means that your partner’s infidelity is unveiled. But in more cases than not, it gives couples a platform to express the deep emotions that they find it difficult to say in person.

Even though it’s in cyberspace, honesty and communication are the paper and binding in the book of your lives together.

Featured photo credit: pixabay.com via pixabay.com

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