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Food and Drink

27 Useful Infographics That All Bakers Need

Cookies, Cakes, and Cinnamon rolls are a bakers delight. But do you know why your cookies never seem to turn out just right? Or why trying to bake healthy almost always ruin the desert? Well, the writers at Home Tips World shared a post by Rachel at Buzzfeed that displays twenty-seven charts that will teach you everything you wanted to know about baking.

For figuring out what your cookies should look like:

How-to Avoid Any Baking Emergency:

For When the Cake Does Not Turn Out Right

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Like Mum Use to Make>/h2>

Achieve the Perfect Crust

When you Do not Understand the Metric System

Creating the Perfect Cookie You Want to Dunk in Milk

For When You Want to Be Healthy

Being Vegan Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Bake

For When You Want to Remove the Gluten

For When You Never Have the Right Measuring Cup

For When You Want Baking to Be Easy

Quick Recipe for a Vanilla Cupcake

Who Needs Coffee in a Mug?

Make the Perfect Wedding Cake

Eggs 101 from this Eggspert Graph

For When You Want to Know Everything About Sugar

For When Baking Means You Can Get Your Nerd On

To Keep Your Ingredients Ready

Bake Apple Pie Like Grandma

Finding the Perfect Apple for Your Pie

When You Only Want a Little Bit

For When You are Hosting

The Golden Rules of Cake Baking

For When You Need to Impress Your Friends With Your Decorating Skills

For Crafting the Perfect Cake Color

To Bake or Read a Book?

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