If you’ve ever used a segway, you know that it can be dangerous. It takes quite some time to get comfortable with the sudden jerks in movement and balance.

It also looks really awkward.

Now there’s an alternative to the segway, called Whill. The Japan-based technology takes a more practical approach to personal mobility by allowing the user to sit down.

uasdfasdfrlWhill is fully functional and has no problems riding over grass or rocks. You don’t have to worry about being thrown off the vehicle as well.

The personal mobility device also comes with software integration. Using the app that comes with the device, you can control it like a remote-controlled car.

asdffasfsaf5It is important to take note that Whill is not a replacement for the traditional wheelchair. Due to lack of FDA clearance, the device is not suitable for medical assistance.

WHILL : World’s Most Advanced Personal Mobility Device | Kickstarter

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