How do Victoria’s Secret models look so damn amazing all the time? Well, for one thing, they always watch what they eat, but aside from that, they also exercise regularly. And they don’t just do any exercise, they hire personal trainers to create special workouts just for them.

While most of us can’t exactly afford a personal trainer, we can turn to the same trainers to Victoria’s Secret models and see what workout routines they offer to the public, free of charge. This particular 10-minute full-body workout video was created specifically for Pop Sugar by Andrea Orbeck, who has trained multiple Victoria’s Secret models in the past. It’s quick, challenging and requires no special equipment, so anyone can pick it up and start building muscle and burning fat from the comfort of their own living rooms.

The workout was developed by The Human Performance Institute and requires only resistance from body weight, so you don’t have to purchase any fancy exercise equipment or visit a gym to get in shape Master the 7-Minute Workout With This Video

Featured photo credit: Blond female workout on the beachvia Flickr

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