The Ultimate Kitchen Cheat Sheet


Whether you are a frequent and experienced cook or you’re completely new to the seemingly tricky kitchen arena: this infographic can help you. There’s so much more to cooking than microwaving food, apparently there’s measurements, methods and preparation for most dishes that make just cooking dinner look like a science project. Fortunately, all the things you need are right here, from unit conversions (fahrenheit to centigrade, kilograms to pounds, etc.) to where to get the best meat cuts and how to cook them properly. This also includes detailed cooking and freezing times as well as best methods for storing your food.

So, are you planning a nice meal for your family or you simply want to keep all the info you need in one handy place, well here you go:


I recommend you bookmark this page or print the infographic off if you found it useful. Happy cooking!

Kitchen Cheat Sheet | Everest

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