Improve Your Parking With This Infographic


Whether you’re still learning how to driver or just haven’t quite mastered the art of parallel parking, this infographic can help provide a useful guide on the three basic parking methods. While the infographic was obviously created with a British audience in mind (hence the British spellings, use of GBP in the figure at bottom and the mention of red lines being used on the road), the basic instructions can be followed by any driver in any country.

In fact, parking instructions might be the only driving rules that apply practically universally. After all, it doesn’t matter what road signs are used and what side of the road you drive on, you still back into a spot the same way while parallel parking. Of course, there is no substitute for practice, so if you think you’ve memorized these steps but still haven’t tried parking your car, you might try practicing in an empty parking lot with cones or other items filling in for other cars.

280313-Parking Guide

Source –Best Infographics

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