How To Retrain Your Brain


The human brain is a true work of art. It’s the most fascinating creation God has ever made. We are overflowing with knowledge and information about our brain; however, we have only unearthed a tiny portion of what it can offer.

We have discovered much data about what part of the brain is responsible for our ability to reason, our feelings, and a few information why we behave in certain ways.

However, this infographic by Best Psychology Degrees will show us a quick guide to emotions and the parts of the brain responsible for it. In this way, we can retrain our brain to function much better. This will ultimately increase our ability to think well, to achieve more substantial goals, and to enrich our lives in so many ways we never dared dream before.

In our infographic today, we can further learn why we react in certain ways rather than in a different way. We can add up to our knowledge base about the cerebrum. That it houses the part of the brain that controls and relate to emotions. Moreover, you can be aquainted with how you can retrain your brain to respond to your environment and the people in your lives based on the brain’s activity.

For instance, to enhance your ability to maintain a positive emotional outlook, you can make your workstation and home a place where you can remember good times, such as vacations, or pictures of family, friends, and relatives, while engaged in fun activities or celebrations. Replace those mementos every week if you can.


Another step you can do is to practice a life full of gratitude, and express this frequently by going out of your way to thank people personally. Finally, wrap up your days by writing thoughts into your gratitude journal.

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