What to wear, when? Where? How? These are the kinds of questions dress codes address; and many more like this one: My nephew wonders, “I’m invited to attend kylie’s party, what should I wear?” Other questions that may spring up about proper attires is: The invitation states the dress code is smart casual. What’s the difference between business casual and smart casual? Are they the same? Any ideas?

How about informal attire? Is it true that it might be a misnomer for it might call for a bit of formality? Then why is it called informal? Some fashion-centric young ladies say semi-formal is more fancy than business attire. Are they correct? When does business attire become semi-formal, anyway?

If you’re not sure of the answers to these questions, worry not, you’re in the right spot. I prepared an infographic just to help you figure out what to wear for specific ocassions. And most importantly, what not to wear so you won’t look overdressed or underdressed; or worse, looking like you just fancied joining the ocassion uninvited.



We have compiled a list of fashion laws (Yes, laws, not tips, nor suggestions) that all men should follow. 20 Fashion Laws That All Men Should Follow

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