Illustrator, cartoonist, writer “and general layabout” Gemma Corell recently shared a great illustration called ‘A Map Of The Introvert’s Heart’. The heart-shaped map includes spectacular sights that a lot of introverts will relate to, such as The River Of Daydreams, Alone Time Lake, Isle Of Netflix, and Country Of Animal Pals.

Granted, a lot of the map focuses on the typical introvert’s need to be alone (‘Hermit’s Cave‘), and even borders on worrying aspects that arguably are not just down to being an introvert, such as the ‘Railroad Of Cancelled Plans‘. As an extremely typical introvert myself, I do find a lot of this map relatable and funny but I’m not sure if some of it doesn’t edge on more serious issues such as social anxiety which is often not a part of simply being an introvert.

Anywho, share this with our fellow introverts and let us know about your experience as an introvert – if you are one of course!

A Map of the Introvert’s Heart By Gemma Correll | Medium

Featured photo credit: A Map of the Introvert’s Heart | Gemma Correll via

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