Everyone has a phobia, or at the very least a slight fear of something. My main fears are spiders (arachnophobia), clowns (coulrophobia) and deep water (aquaphobia), but I think these are pretty regular and rational things to be afraid of because spiders are gross, clowns are evil and deep water is deadly.

However some phobias are a little, well, uncommon and if this infographic from Mental Floss is anything to go by, extremely difficult to live with. I don’t mean to trivialise or invalidate these fears, but I imagine going to the supermarket with turophobia is rather tricky. Just going outside must be awful if you have anthophobia, hylophobia, ombrophobia or God forbid geniophobia.

Do you have any weird or uncommon fears, or know anyone who does? My sister is frightened of hand dryers in public restrooms because she once walked under one, but she’s seven so I guess that’s okay.

Be Afraid! 25 Uncommon Phobias | Mental Floss

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