At times throughout our lives, a bit of introspectiveness is useful to help examine our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. What is the purpose of this psychoanalyzation, often when our minds are at their greatest peak of curiosity or doubtfulness? Like peeling an onion, there are multiple layers found within the emotional context of the human psychosomatic realm. This video, inspired by “Conversations with God” by Neal D. Walsch, goes on to explain the following natural emotions:

5 Natural Emotions

Grief: When repressed, it transforms into depression.

Anger: Protective and primal instinct necessary for survival.

Envy: It’s what inspires you to become the best you can be.

Fear: Protective instinct, that need to be faced and expressed.

Love: The evolution of all of the 5 emotions.

Fear is an expression of love

The key isn’t to stop feeling expressions

It is to start feeling these expressions of fear


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