Do you long to become hugely successful but don’t have a strong academic background? Don’t let that worry you. There are a lot of head honchos out there who don’t have strong formal education to back them.

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group left formal education at the age of 16. Walt Disney was a poor student but he garnered extraordinary achievements professionally. KFC founder Colonel Harlan Sanders was an elementary school dropout. Mary Kay Ash, the famous cosmetics queen, decided to forgo college after school, and she has an astounding 1.5 million consultants from all over the world. Frank Lloyd Wright – the famous architect was not good in studies too.

While there’s no substitute for formal education, don’t let the lack of a degree stand in your way of success. This infographic by mymathdone shows that one can scale great heights despite poor academics.

five celeb drop-outs



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