1. “I just love that Bandit Mix cat food. Don’t you?”

2. “Excuse me, I believe that’s my door.”

3. The dog who fell head over heels for food.

4. “Excuse me, I’m trying to watch 101 Dalmatians.”

5. The elephant who said, “Ain’t anyone got time for that.”

6. And I thought I was bad at bowling.


7. The guy who wanted to train for a marathon.


9. *oinks* A pig decided to go on a diet.

10. The kid who got blown away by a baseball.

11. “Ahhhh, now that hits the spot.”

12. “Say Whaaaaaaatttttttt?”

13. “Get outta the way!”

14. Don’t try this at a car wash, folks.

15. Curiosity killed the cat.

16. “Quick, get in the Batmobile!”

17. It’s all sh**s and giggles until someone breaks a window.

18. The guy who learned very quickly that you can’t always enjoy golf.

19. “Man, I’m just parched.”

And here’s some extra GIFs if you wanted more.

 20. “I’m so excited you’re home!”

21. “I don’t like your shoes.”

22. This girl has some mad twerkin’ skills.

23. “Oh, my blinker isn’t working. Let me fix that.”

24. The guy who casually wanted to go swimming.

Featured photo credit: Biking can be frustrating, sometimes/zuilma via bighugelabs.com

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