How to Work Remotely (Your Complete Guide)

working remotely

Remote working has become a popular trend in the workplace in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With the rise of digital communication tools and the need for flexible working arrangements, more and more companies are embracing the concept of working remotely. While there are numerous advantages to remote work, such as increased … Read more

How to Become a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

graham allcott

In today’s fast-paced world, we are all bombarded with more information, distractions, and demands on our time than ever before, and it can be difficult to stay focused, organized, and effective. With the right strategies and tools, however, anyone can increase their productivity and accomplish more in less time. In this episode of The LifeHack … Read more

The Impact of Procrastination on Productivity

how does procrastination affect productivity

Procrastination is a common problem that has a negative impact on productivity. It is the act of deferring or postponing tasks until the very last minute. Though it may appear harmless, procrastination can have a number of detrimental effects that can prevent productivity and success in both personal and professional contexts. So, how does procrastination … Read more

The Forgotten Emotional Aspects of Productivity

emotions productivity

One of the most overlooked causes of being unproductive is emotions. Our productivity and performance are greatly influenced by how we feel about ourselves and what we are capable of. According to research done by Atlassian, a team’s productivity and the expression of positive emotions are positively correlated. This means that teams are more productive … Read more

How to Deal With Work Stress in a Healthy Way

work stress

Everyone has stress. It’s one of the most natural human reactions. When faced with a conflict, a controversy, or any kind of ambiguity, usually the response that is triggered is what we call ‘fight or flight’. The period we spend deciding what we’re actually going to do, meaning if we are going to put up … Read more

How to Leverage Time to Make More Time

time leverage

Why does it always seem like there’s too much to do in too little time? We all have just 24 hours in a day. And yet, why are there some people easily able to juggle a full-time job, build their side hustles, and enjoy quality time with family and friends without breaking a sweat while … Read more

How Sleep Meditation Can Calm Your Nighttime Anxiety

nighttime anxiety

Most of us at some time or another have experienced difficulties with sleep. Relentless thoughts can create stress and frustration, wasting our valuable rest time. Are you ready to gently reset your habitual mindset around sleep so you can soothe nighttime anxiety and recover from your busy day as nature intended? In this article, we … Read more

30 Meaningful Non-Toy Gifts for Kids This Christmas

non toy gifts for kids

As the holidays quickly approach, you’re probably searching for the perfect gifts for your children. While toys are nice gifts for kids, having something that’s not just for playtime is even more meaningful for your children. How great it’d be to have a gift that your kids could learn something or experience something different with … Read more

6 Practical Ways to Boost Your Mental Fitness

Today we are bombarded with information from morning till night. There is so much noise from television, social media, radio and even the Internet that we often overlook quieter activities that have a tremendous impact on our mental fitness — our brain. Fortunately, the human brain is one of the most adaptable and responsive organs … Read more