John Patrick Hickey

John Patrick Hickey has been coaching leaders and individuals and inspiring groups large and small for over three decades. He has a personal passion to help Success-Minded People identify their giftings, set goals and achieve their dreams, while becoming the best they can be. John Patrick is a gifted speaker knows how to help leaders build teams and accomplish their objectives. Having been a Pastor and life coach for several years, John Patrick knows how to work with churches as well as businesses and other groups. John Patrick Hickey is a Certified Personal Development Coach as well as being certified in DISC Assessments and evaluations. John Patrick specializes in communication, goal setting and the discovery of a person’s key purpose in life. John Patrick is the author of three books, Daily Thoughts: 90 Daily Readings for Success-Minded People, All You Have Is Now: How Your Approach to the World Determines Your Destiny and his newest book with Motivational Press, On The Journey To Achievement. He is also a speaker, instructor and well read blogger.

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