Jay Mandel

I'm Jay Mandel, Founder of Your Brand Coach, Marketer & Entrepreneur. I used to think the secret to success in business was to follow the defined path of regular full-time corporate jobs and became a go-to digital marketing and communicator at major companies. While I enjoyed my work, but as I grew in my posts, I began to feel a need to use my skills more fully and independently. I quickly realized that I should take a giant, not baby, steps, and create something courageously that was both mine and equally shareable with like-minded professionals. To do this, I had to reimagine and recreate at age 40 the life I had been living and the goals I had been pursuing. I had to step out of my comfort zone. I had to lay it on the line or go back to accepting an exciting but unappetizing career. It wasn't until I took control of my life and career that things started to change for me. Today I am a new Jay Mandel. I am living proof that YOU can create a satisfying and profitable career and life-based on YOUR skills, interests, and what other people need. While I would be happy to be your trusted advisor and coach, the answer has to start with you. Let’s chat!

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