George Alonso

George Alonso is recognized as an international authority in Mindfulness-based solutions for mental health problems. He is famous for having created TMT, or the Transcendental Mindfulness Therapy; a natural method that completely uproots anxiety and depression in record time. He has proven that, contrary to common belief, overcoming mental conditions can be done naturally and safely. Through a specific process, with clear results and permanent progress; as opposed to traditional therapies that do not provide a definite answer or timeframe. The effectiveness of his unique approach has attracted a wide variety of followers from all over the world, including: Public figures, executives, retirees, entrepreneurs and even politicians; or anybody who is tired of not getting a straight answer to their mental health problems. With his revolutionary programs, George Alonso is the leading authority in the emerging field of mental health self-help, and a definite answer to anxiety and depression.

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