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Add Night Vision to Your Smartphone with Snooperscope

One of the drawbacks to owning a smartphone is the lack of a camera flash. This means that it will be pretty much impossible to take good quality pictures in low light conditions or at nighttime. If you own a newer phone model, you may be in luck, but unfortunately not everyone can afford the newest smartphone.

So what do you do when want to use your mobile phone in poorly lit areas, but don’t have a flash? One option is to add night vision to your iPhone or Android phone using a new wireless device called Snooperscope. This night vision lens not only improves picture quality in low light settings, but can also take pictures or just observe objects in complete darkness (ie. wildlife, driveways).

On top of that, you can use Snooperscope to reveal items that are not visible to the naked eye. It does this by illuminating objects with infrared radiation and then converting that reflected radiation into a visual image. Just see for yourself in the video below.

Whether you’re a photographer who wants to take pictures in any light setting, a hunter who likes to observe wildlife at night, a home owner looking to surveillance your house or even a ghost hunter in the making, Snooperscope has got you covered.

Snooperscope: Night Vision for Your Smartphone | Indiegogo

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