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How Much Does A Human Life Cost In The World Today?


A human life is priceless. Inflation is costly.

These two elements are not usually associated with each other, until now. The infographic highlights the cost of a human life based on price fluctuations. As much as we would like to deny the existence of human trafficking, it would not be an effective way of addressing the global concern.

Human trafficking has been around since the dawn of time.

Gladiators and slavery were the earliest forms of human trafficking. Due to lack of laws and regulations, such actions were rampant and spread recklessly throughout the world.

On a positive note, human trafficking has decreased in the past centuries as organizations continue to raise awareness in the value of human lives. Nowadays, powerful institutions such as the United Nations impose strict sanctions with hopes to intercept human trafficking organizations.

How do you think human trafficking as changed over the years? Let us know what you think.

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