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How Far Will Your Passport Actually Get You?


Although a lot of our world now seems to be online (banking, shopping, travel tickets and so on), one thing that remains a physical object is a small 3X5 inch notebook, AKA a passport. Travelling is now easier than ever but you need a passport to get anywhere, however some nations have less access to the world than others.

In this infographic designed by Ricky Linn for GOOD, we see that some passports may be a lot more privileged than others. In case it’s difficult for you to see, the darker blue colours represent countries that have the most powerful passports, where the paler reds have the least powerful.

The power of passports relies heavily of geopolitics, relations with other countries and the stature of the country itself. Do you have as much freedom to travel based on your passport as you would like?

How Powerful Is Your Passport? | GOOD

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