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Postful – Send Email to Mailing Address

Written by Craig Childs
Craig is an editor and web developer who writes about happiness and motivation at Lifehack
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After the Google Paper gag, I bet a lot of people were thinking, “That’s not such a bad idea”.

Well, it would be useful if you could send emails to mailing addresses like normal letters. Or even receive actual letters in your email? Postful does just that.

  • 1. Send emails to mailing addresses through Postful- digital to physical.
  • 2. Receive emails from physical letters via a personal Postful mailbox etc – physical to digital.
Postful - Send Email to Mailing Address

    This takes care of a lot of instances where email is either insufficient or impractical.

    First of all, Gmail’s idea of physical backups can actually be done. Just forward what you want backed up to your home address. Postful can save specific emails to specific addresses. Of course, it all costs:

    $.99 for the 1st page, $.25 each additional page
    Price includes:

    • Full-color printing
    • All production and materials
    • First-class postage (US only, international coming in June, 2007)
    • Previews for confirmation and proofing

    I’ll have to wait till June to try it out. Meanwhile it is still in Private Beta, so you’ll have to shoot an email off to sign up. Anyone have any experiences with Postful?

    Send Letters Using Email – [Postful]

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