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50 Best Journaling Questions For Self-Reflection

50 Best Journaling Questions For Self-Reflection

Did you use questions for self-reflection during your younger years? If you enjoyed your teenage years, you should know how journaling made you feel. It allowed you to open yourself up to a new you.

However, it also allowed you to access a part of you did not think you had and aligned your priorities. The most important aspect of journaling as a young adult was capturing moments that you could self-reflect on and improve on you.

Today, we are so busy that journaling is now an extension of our office work. Self-reflection is part of growing up. Most times, we are locked up not by the attitudes and actions of other people but by our perception of what is or what is supposed to be

These questions of self-reflection allow you to pause, access, analyze, and take the necessary step forward. Believe it or not, it is a cleansing process that scraps off the dirt that is covering and overwhelming the real you.

Why Journaling? Well, because it is your private space and you can do whatever you want in it. Do you remember that song by Lesley Gore, “It’s my party?” Journaling allows you to express your true emotions without prejudice or pressure.

Also, questions for self-reflection enable you to develop a sense of mindfulness and management of your space. It is a path to self-discovery, self-reflection, and acceptance of your capabilities while in tune with your inner self.

So, without wasting time, here are 50 journaling questions for self-reflection you should ask yourself. If you need serious self-reflection of your life and actions, these 50 questions should get you started.

1. Would You Consider Yourself a Spiritual Person?

If yes, how would you describe the impact of spirituality in building a better you? If no, what are your reasons for not accepting spirituality, and how it can be remedied to improve the better you?

2. Do You Believe in Dreams?

Do you believe that dreams are your subconscious speaking to you about your present realities? Are there any repeated pattern or message that spooks you out? Do you have any reoccurring dreams, and what have you thought or done about it?

3. Would You Describe Yourself as Unique?

What are your five best attributes and five worst ones? Explain why you have chosen these particular qualities instead of the others.

4. When Was the Last Time You Had a Good Cry?

What made you cry—was it your fault or another person? Have you healed and understood the situation, or did you just accept it? Have you found forgiveness in the healing? If not, why are you holding on to hurt?

5. Are You Where You Wanted to Be From 5 Years Past?

If yes, would you say you achieved it alone or had assistance getting there? If no, what obstacles prevented you from attaining the goals set by you?


6. Are You a Diehard Fan of Loyalty Regardless of the Circumstance?

Do you stick to a situation because you feel you have to be there? Or do you feel obligated to make a change? Either way, expand on your decision to be even in negative situations

7. Describe Your Ideal Morning—How Would the Setting Be? What Time Would You Wake Up?

What would the activities of the day be, and what would be the most interesting activity of the day? Do not forget to detail how the rest of the day would be, including retiring to the best.

8. If Money Was Not an Object, Would you Change the Life You Are Living Right Now?

If yes, why? What is wrong with it? If no, why? Do not be afraid to face reality here.

9. Do You Believe in Tit for Tat?

Do you forgive easily or hold a grudge or revenge at act? How has each one affected you as a person, your relationship, and career or business in life?

10. Do You Have Fears That You Are Recycling in Your Life?

Why are you holding on to them? What steps do you need to break free from them?

11. Are There Limitations or Thresholds You consider Not for You?

It can be in business, career, relationship, education, or anywhere. Is there a limiting factor you have created or accepted that is stopping you from achieving or expressing your capabilities in life?

12. What Are You Most Grateful for Today?

What do you wish could be different too? Why?

13. Do You Think Your Success Hinges on Your Relationship With Others?

If you think so, explain why and devise means to improve your self-esteem and confidence.

14. How Do You Get Away From a Negative Energy Space?

How do you reset your mindset from the valley to a mountain top?

15. What Have You Achieved This Year?

List out 5 of your accomplishment this year. Do not forget to also include those that you were not proud of.

16. Do You Have a Role Model?

Why did you choose that person, and how has the person helped up improved your life? Include all areas that have been positively impacted by that person, too.

17. Where Do You Want to Live?

If you could live in 5 places on earth, where would those be and why? Remember to write at least three reasons why you chose them. And if you have not visited them yet, what is stopping you?


18. Do You Feel Calm and in Control?

What makes you feel powerful, calm, and in control? What conditions or circumstances could shift you out of these spaces? How do you keep it together to maintain a good headspace?

19. What Are the 10 Things That Inspire You?

List 10 things that inspire you, list 10 things you would love to say no to, and 10 things you would love to say yes to. List 10 words that motivate you and why they make a difference in your life.

20. Who Are Your Family?

Do You Have Any Family? Are you away from your family because of a career choice, marriage, or relocation? Have you maintained communication with them or not? If not, what and why have you abandoned this relationship? And can it be remedied?

21. What Is Your Motto?

Describe yourself.  What rules do you live by in life and will not bend regardless of the situation? Would you consider them rigid or your attitude strict?

22. Are You in Love With Yourself?

Are you comfortable in your skin? Is your inner being in alignment with your outward appearance, if not why and how can you change it?

23. Do You Want to Go Back in Time?

If you could do so, at what age would you stop and why?

24. How Do You Face Challenges?

Think of the most challenging situation in your life, how did it affect you, and how did you overcome it? Do you think you could have handled it any differently looking back now?

25. What Advice Would You Give Your Future Self?

Write down 5 pieces of advice you would give your high school self about the future. Also, write five questions you wish you had asked at that age.

26. Is Your Childhood Good Enough for Your Children?

Would you say that you lived a successfully happy and fulfilling childhood worthy for your kids, whether you have them now or in the future?

27. What Is Happiness?

What makes you happy? Remember a time you were truly happy. Can you recall the reason and how long it lasted?

28. Do You Get Envious?

How do you maintain that balance between envy or jealousy and happiness when a colleague gets a position or promotion you feel yours deserve? Do you still celebrate with them or make snazzy comments with a hug?

29. Do You Live a Balanced Life?

Do you think you have created the perfect balance between your mental, emotional, and physical health in your life today? If not, which is taking precedence and which is lacking?


30. Can You Keep a Relationship?

How long is the longest relationship with your partner? Are you still together? If yes, who compromises more? If it is you, why do you feel the need to do that?

31. Have You Ever Contemplated Suicide?

What was the reason? How did you overcome that thought? And how has life been since then? Better? Or did you gain more understanding?

32. What Greatly Impacts Your Life?

Sincerely assess how the following has impacted your life and every aspect of it.

  • Social media
  • Career
  • Lifestyle
  • Belief
  • Relationship
  • Morality

Are there any changes you would like to make? If yes, what are they and why?

33. Who Represents Your Personality?

Choose a TV personality, a cartoon character, a superhero, and a villain that personifies you. State three reasons each why you have chosen them to represent your personality.

34. Are You in Your Dream Job?

Do you think your current position represents your efforts and sacrifice at your job? What can be done to make your boss notice you for that well-deserved promotion?

35. Have You Been Promoted Already?

If your promotion delayed or ignored, what is the problem?

Answer the following points sincerely:

  • Do you qualify for the new position?
  • Do you have the skills or professionalism to handle the requirements of this level?
  • Have you added any new certification to help you achieve the new position?
  • Do you have professional strengths to live up to the company’s values?

36. What Do You Want to Talk About?

If the world gave you five minutes to talk about one topic dearest to your heart, what topic would it be? Why did you choose it, and what would you say? It can be anything—no limits, no criticisms.

37. How Is Your Inner Circle Doing?

Would you say your inner circle is complete and perfect? If no, what is missing or what needs to be changed?

38. What Do Your Friends and Family Say About You?

Pick out five of your friends and family, write down three sentences that each one would say about you. Is it good or bad? Do not assume. Ask them if possible, and do not get angry.

39. How Do You Discuss Arguments?

Are you the type that feels the need to have the final say in an argument? Why do you do that? And is silence an option you are willing to try out?


40. What Are Your Similarities With Your Parents?

List out all the characters you have in common with your parents. Separate them into good, great, and bad. Can you improve the good and make changes to the bad?

41. How Is Your Current Lifestyle?

Would you consider your current lifestyle a building platform for a successful future of your choice? If not, what aspects need change to enable you to achieve the goals for future hope?

42. Would You Say You Are Living Your Best Life?

Do you like what and where you are today? What value do you impact in your world daily, and how has it affected you too?

43. How Are You?

Let’s talk about you. How do you stay happy? What makes you excited? What is your idea of fun and how do you enjoy that you live a happy life regardless of the situations around you?

44. Are You Stressed?

Do you have any emotional connection to anything that is draining your positive energy? Do you give off negative vibes that are not you? How have you changed people’s perception of you?

45. Are You a Goal-Getter?

If yes, have you achieved those goals you set for yourself in 2019/2020? If no, what is holding you back? And what motivation would make a difference?

46. Do You Care Too Much?

Would you consider yourself too caring or too responsible for others and how they feel? Do you always blame yourself for how people treat you? Do you feel the need to apologize every time?

47. What Legacy Do You Want to Leave to Your Grandchildren?

Write a short story about a page that you would tell your grandchildren about yourself if they ask tomorrow. List five attributes of your personality that can help your grandkids become better people in their future.

48. How Would You Describe self-Love and Self-Care?

Are you caring for yourself? and what is your ideal way of doing it?

49. Are You an Organized Person?

Or are you unorganized? How is this affecting you and your life?

50. Do You Know Your “Why”?

Are you speaking your truth or living somebody else’s truth? What is your “why”?

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope you have your journal ready to answer these questions on self-reflection. This is not an exam. Hence, just write your thoughts down as they come to your mind. Do not worry about grammar, punctuation, or handwriting. Instead, endeavor to write a good journal by understanding and contemplating these questions for self-reflection.

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Published on March 4, 2021

24 Self-Reflection Questions To Get You To Rethink About Life

24 Self-Reflection Questions To Get You To Rethink About Life

“Oh no, Oh no! AHHHHHHH!” These were the only words I could manage as my car spun out of control, hydroplaning across multiple lanes of the slick freeway. It was one of those moments you see in the movies where your life flashes before your eyes, and you instantly begin the process of asking yourself a slew of self-reflection questions.

I was driving back from a children’s birthday party with my wife and two very young daughters on board. My girls were strapped tightly in their car seats and sleeping peacefully. My wife had just told me to be careful as it had begun to rain heavily for the first time in months.

“Yes, sweetheart, I am.” I had responded, wanting to keep everyone safe and knowing that my tires were due to be replaced. My caution didn’t matter. Once the millions of tiny pockets of water had taken over, we were at the mercy of my out-of-control Pontiac Grand Prix.

We ended up careening across four lanes toward the center divider only to spin back the opposite direction to the right shoulder, off the road, and up a dirt embankment. We somehow had managed to avoid every other car, but that didn’t matter. What we couldn’t avoid was the six-foot cinder block wall that lined the highway. We slammed into the wall with incredible speed and force—so much that the impact caused the car to flip 360 degrees and ultimately land back on the wheels.

Witnesses said it was the most incredible thing they had ever seen and that we would not walk away. I, too, felt it was incredible but for different reasons. The impact for me was not the crash into the wall or flip. It was afterward during a time of deep self-reflection about life when all the questions hit me.

The movies make you believe that everything slows down during an experience like this to the point that you can reflect on life. Trust me, rethinking about life comes much later when your ass isn’t spinning out of control.

So, what did I ask myself? What were the self-reflection questions that came as a result of my accident?

They mainly centered around the essential components of my life—family, faith, relationships, beliefs, and actions. I had focused on these areas to that point, but I was unsure of where I stood, not just for me but for everyone I came in contact with daily. It all boiled down to being the best version of myself, which we should all truly strive for in life. I mean, it’s why we’re here, isn’t it?


Before you answer that question, take a look at the following 24 self-reflection questions to get you to rethink life.

1. Am I Living in the Moment?

Living in the moment is effortless in our go-go-go world to live on autopilot. This is fine for things that don’t matter as much to the big picture but not for the whole picture itself. Go ahead and brush your teeth or take a shower on autopilot. Heck, our brain is very comfortable in this setting. But have you ever drove to work and not remember the trip at all? I’m sure you have, which is terrible when you think about it. It is not just because of its safety but also because of the beautiful things you may have missed along the way.

2. Do I Cherish Every Second With My Loved Ones?

While this sounds like number one, it is actually quite different. Time is one of the most valuable resources we have in this world. There’s an old saying that “time is a gift.” Think of it as precious as a gift from a loved one, and you will cherish it with the same passion and importance.

3. Do I Accept Everything as a Gift?

There are plenty of other gifts in life besides the time that blesses us each day. What gifts are a part of your life? I’ll bet something like good health or a loving family was the first thing to mind. Positive things are easy to view as gifts.

How about the not-so-obvious or even horrible? Even something as traumatizing as a life-threatening car accident can and should be considered a gift. As Steve Jobs famously said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”[1]

4. Do I Treat Everyone With Respect and Kindness?

This is one of the most often-ignored self-reflection questions yet also one of the most important. You flip the bird to someone who cuts you off in traffic, you make fun of a total stranger’s attire to a co-worker, or you forget to say please and thank you to the cashier at the grocery store. Flip the script and imagine yourself on the receiving end of all the hurt, and you’ll see it’s simply not necessary.

5. Am I Being Harmful With My Words or Actions?

Like number four, many of us practice bad habits with things that are harmful to others, and we do not even realize it. Research on communication from Dr. Albert Mehrabian showed that we get 7% of the message from the words, 38% from the tone, and 55% from the body language.

Thinking of this before you speak or act really puts this question into perspective. Any word or action can be harmful if spoken with a harsh tone or offensive body language. Check your words and actions to ensure they aren’t taken in a harmful way.


6. Am I Foolish?

Another important self-reflection is “Am I foolish?”

Mr. T famously said in Rocky III, “I pity the fool!” when asked about his upcoming fight with Rocky Balboa. He continued saying he pitied Balboa for being predictable and stupid. What are the areas of your life where you lack good judgment and are unwise?

7. How Wasteful Am I?

We live in a throw-away society where things are quickly thrown away in the blink of an eye. These wastes are not always material objects as we can be wasteful of things like time and energy. Before you discard anything material or otherwise, think of how you can fix it. You’ll be amazed at how easily you can mend things with the proper attention.

8. Am I in a Hurry?

We are too often focused on a destination that we fly through the process and don’t enjoy the journey along the way. We may miss crucial details, opportunities to learn, or experiences with others. A mentor once told me, “Don’t be in a hurry with anything.” These are wise words for all of us to live by every day.

9. Am I Myself in All Situations, No Matter What?

A lot of us find this challenging as we have our work persona and family persona. We are all beautiful individuals that are both flawed and awesome. Don’t deprive yourself or other people in your life of your “flawsome” self.

10. Is My Heart Open?

When you live with an open heart, you allow all the fantastic parts of life on earth to be a part of you as you connect with others in the universe. Don’t be afraid to be open to new possibilities in any facet of your life. You’ll be glad you did.

11. Do I Take Anything for Granted?

Unfortunately, we don’t often realize this is happening until it is pointed out by someone on the losing end, usually a loved one. Never take things for granted. Trust me, you don’t want ever to have regrets. By asking yourself many of the self-reflection questions on this list, hopefully, you won’t.

12. Am I Putting Enough Effort Into My Relationships?

This is another self-reflection question that others frequently answer for us by letting us know where we stand. Your answer to the question, “How much does each person contribute to the relationship?” should be 100% and nothing less.


13. Do I let Matters That Are Out of My Control Stress Me Out?

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it,” according to author and educator Charles R. Swindoll. This quote emphasizes the role our attitude plays in life and whether we are affected negatively by things outside of our control. The more you accept what happens and live by this quote, the happier you are.

14. Am I Taking Care of Myself Physically?

One could easily relate self-reflection to mental and spiritual health as it is considered internal. It’s important to remember that we are genuinely at our best possible self when our mind, spirit, and body are all running at optimal levels. This is enough of a reason itself without considering all the health benefits one gets from taking care of their physical self.

15. Am I Achieving the Goals That I’ve Set for Myself?

A wise man once said, “A life lived without achieving your goals is not a life worth living.” He was definitely someone who accomplished a lot in his life. Goals are not just something to write down at the beginning of the year, but they also give your mind purpose and clarity.

16. What Does a Perfect Day Look Like for Me?

The beauty of this self-reflection question is that you may answer it in hundreds of different ways throughout your life. This also makes the question extra special. Whenever you are feeling down, take a few minutes to answer this question for yourself and put more of the components you come up with into your everyday life.

17. Am I Holding onto Something I Need to Let Go Of?

At the center of this question, you will usually find forgiveness of some sort. When you answer this question honestly, you will realize that you need to forgive yourself or someone else. Please make this happen ASAP because forgiveness is one of the most incredible things we can do in life.

18. When Did I Last Push the Boundaries of My Comfort Zone?

Living comfortably may sound nice at first, but it truly means you have stagnated. To get the most out of life, you need to grow continually. So, get uncomfortable and push past the comfort.

19. What Do I Need to Change About Myself?

The subtly in this question is that it asks “need” rather than “want.” Many of us get caught up wanting to do things but never translating them into action. When something is important enough, it becomes a need, which means it will get done. Needs lead to action, and action leads to change.

20. Am I Serving Others?

According to Zig Ziglar, you can have whatever you want in life. You just have to help enough other people get what they want.[2] This is one of the secrets to an abundant life. Serve others, and both of you will reap the benefits of goodwill.


21. Who Has Had the Greatest Impact on My Life?

Reflecting on one’s life would not be complete without realizing the impact of others. All of us have had someone that had helped steer us in the right direction when we needed it the most, whether we knew it or not. Acknowledge them in your heart and to their ears by expressing gratitude for grabbing the wheel when needed.

22. Do I Have a Purpose?

Ask any of the most successful people in this world what is the most important for them, and they will tell you that it’s not the riches, fame, or power that is matters—it’s purpose. When you have a purpose, you are fulfilled, and a fulfilled life is one worth living.

23. What’s the One Thing I’d Like Others to Remember About Me at the End of My Life?

This is a question that typically isn’t thought of until someone is at the final stages of life because it’s usually related to question 22. Be proactive in life and ask yourself this self-reflection question early enough to make that “one thing” your mission.

24. Am I the Best Version of Myself?

This question may seem difficult to answer at first glance, but it’s really not. Just ask yourself every other question on this list first, and you’re sure to have your answer to this one.

Final Thoughts

Looking back on these questions now, I realize my answers have changed since my accident—mostly for the better. I’m grateful that the life-changing experience happened nearly twenty years ago because it set me on a path of development and growth.

So, I ask you, what is your path? Hopefully, you won’t need an accident to answer that—you’ll only need the 24 questions above.

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