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10 Advantages That Comes With Divorce

Written by Junie Rutkevich
Lifestyle writer and author of "Healthy Eating Habits: A Get-Healthy Guide To Tweak And Balance Your Daily Diet"
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Divorce is viewed as a taboo by many people. This is because you vowed to stick with each other for better or worse and sometimes couples do fear on how the public will judge them. Well, here’s the thing… divorce can happen to anyone! Yes, it is quite painful and difficult to live apart with someone you loved, had a family with and lived with as well, and it gets even nastier when there are property, children, and businesses involved, as there is chaos on who should take what and who should have the custody of the children. Well, if your marriage is not working there is no need to stick around as there is an option of getting a divorce. Some advantages come with divorce include:

1. You get the chance to relax.

Marriage comes with so many responsibilities whereby you end up not getting enough time for yourself. You have to worry on what to prepare for dinner, how your children will get to school and if the children did their homework. After a divorce, you will realize that you have the time for yourself whereby you can invite your friends over for some drinks or even go hiking on the weekends.

2. You get your freedom.

When was the last time you went out to have some drinks with your friends or go to a spa or even go to the salon to have your hair done? When married, all you think about is your family and on how to save money, so your family does not lack anything. If you cannot get the chance to enjoy such activities especially with your spouse, you might consider getting a divorce. No one is going to limit you whether or not you come home late from your painting lessons or judge you if you drink the tequila the proper way or not. Everyone deserves to be happy, and if you are not satisfied while married, you can always ask for a divorce.

3. You can realize your dreams.

You might realize that your dreams are conflicting with the desires of your spouse. With divorce, you can work on making your dreams come true since you have the time and freedom to do your things.

4. You get your happiness back.

You may find that while married you were not happy, especially if you were in an abusive marriage. What is the problem of one pursuing their happiness? If divorce is the only way out of the abusive marriage and the key to your happiness you should not fear to get a divorce.

5. The person is not right for you.

You may have stuck with a person with the belief that they are the right person for you. Even after the many issues you have you still believe the person will change. After a divorce, you can realize and know what you expect in a marriage and how you should be treated as well.

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6. There is always a person for you.

There is no need to stick in a marriage that is not working. If you are not happy in your marriage, it is okay to file for a divorce as there is always the right person for you out there. You might even end up meeting the person who makes you happy and complete.

7. You get to love yourself.

Due to the many chores that you have to do in the house, you may find that it ‘s hard to get the opportunity to work out or even cook healthy meals. You completely forget about yourself and all you think about is your family, and yet it is not a happy marriage. The divorce will lessen the chores you were performing making it easy for you to get enough time to take care of yourself.

8. You reunite with your friends.

It can be a lonely life, especially when you don’t get time to meet up with your buddies. You might find that your spouse does not allow you to go out and all you have to do is stay at home. After a divorce, you get the opportunity to meet up with your friends and play Uno cards or try out foosball.

9. Better relationship with your ex.

Did you know that some people get to have a better relationship with their ex-husband or wife after a divorce? This is because there is a mutual respect that is developed and you realize that you are better off being friends than married, as it works better for you.

10. You become a better parent.

Bad marriage drains away your happiness and energy whereby you are not able to look after your children as all your thoughts are on your marriage. After the divorce, you may realize that you have time to take care of your kids as you can get time for yourself as well.

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