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3 Minutes Before Bedtime: Simple Moves For Slimmer Legs

Written by Lordy
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Legs! Who doesn’t want a pair of perfectly formed and shapely legs? The good news is that you only need 3 minutes every night to tone up your legs.

You’ll see the differences if you can persist in following the moves and developing your own bedtime routine!

1. V-Stretch

Spread the legs as far apart as possible then turn the upper torso into the direction of the leg to which you will stretch. Try to pull the chest down to the leg by using the arms to pull the body down. Hold the stretch for 5-15 seconds. Do 8 stretches to each leg.


    2. Split in the air

    Lay down and raise your legs, with both hands pressing against the floor. Hold the legs to your body at 90 degrees.


      Split the legs with the use of your inner thigh muscles. Do the entire set for 8 reps.


        3. Superman pose

        Lie on your stomach with your toes flat on the floor; chin resting on the ground. Stretch your arms out to the front as far as you can.


          Raise your left hand and right leg at the same time. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds. Repeat the move with alternate hand and leg. Repeat the pose for 5 times.

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