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25 Inspiring Quotes From Ordinary People That Will Change The Way You Think

Written by Jane Dizon
Nurse, Ninja Mom, Digital Marketing Specialist and Writer
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I sometimes like to start my articles with inspiring quotes. I like to start with a bang and give my readers a few words to ponder. This way, I can easily express my thoughts and help grab the reader’s interest. I was writing a blog post some time ago, and thought of using a famous quote. So I started looking online, but couldn’t find one that truly reflected the message I wanted to send. Then I thought, why must it be from someone famous? I could easily ask an expert colleague on that topic and get the perfect quote for my piece.

So many people have remarkable things to say about so many topics that can inspire others. Good advice can be on anything like religion, romance, family, friends, career and more. Again, the inspiration doesn’t have to come from anyone famous, but can easily come from people in your daily life, like your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.

Quotes About Love

  1. love 01

    This quote is about maintaining a mindset of unconditional love, rather than only being with people because of what they are able to give you. This quote is shared by Vironika Tugaleva. She is a life coach, speaker, and award-winning author of “The Love Mindset”.

    1. love 02
      1. love 03

        While meeting a new partner may seem an exhausting and difficult journey, you don’t need to do a complete overhaul of your life to find someone. Waiting for someone to come to you, or giving a past relationship a second try won’t find you love either. However, changing just one or two small things in your life can easily start you on the journey to finding love, and there will always be people to help you along the way. This quote is shared by Michelle Frankel. She is the Chief Love Officer and Founder of NYCity Matchmaking; an upscale matchmaking and date coaching service that helps busy, commitment-minded singles in the New York City area find love.

        1. love 04
          1. love 06

            This quote is from Jessica Tyner’s upcoming collection of poetry, “You Look Something”, and is an excerpt from her novel. It is also a part of what was on the card she gave her husband on their wedding day. Jessica is an author of three poetry books including the Pulitzer Prize nominated “The Last Exotic Petting Zoo”.

            Quotes About Family

            1. family 01

                Many people view families as static entities: parents, kids, pets, relatives. But it’s more productive to see families in terms of action. It’s not about who is in the family but rather, what is the family doing? What is its purpose? This quote is shared by Murray Suid, Editor of MobileMovieMaking Magazine.
              1. family 02
                1. family 03

                  As a parent, you managed to raise your own children. However, despite believing that you did a great job, it is likely your own children won’t want you giving constant parenting advice unless they ask for it. This quote is shared by Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider. She is a grandmother of two and an Amazon Best-Selling Author of “7 Strategies for Raising Calm, Inspired, & Successful Children” and award winning speech and language pathologist.

                  1. family 04

                    Nothing wastes time, energy, and vitality like excessive screen time. This quote is shared by Dr. Greg Kushnick. He is a psychologist and the founder of Techealthiest, a how-to guide that teaches the technology of health and happiness.

                      family 05

                      Even though family relationships bring highs and lows, in the end there is love. It sustains us through any life event, and the bond between mother and child can’t be broken. This quote is shared by Sandra Vischer, author of the novel “Unliving the Dream”.

                      Quotes About Personal Development

                      1. personal devolopment 01
                        1. personal development 04

                          Transparency is essential for building trust and strong relationships. This quote is shared by Marilyn Suttle, the bestselling co-author of Taming Gladys!.

                          1. personal development 02

                            This is the central tenet of Sarah Hays Coomer’s upcoming book, “Lightness of Body and Mind: A Radical Approach to Weight and Wellness”. Her experience as a personal trainer for the last 14 years has shown her that most diet and fitness plans don’t work because they make people miserable, leading them to quit.

                            1. personal development 03
                              1. personal development 05

                                It’s pretty easy to go down the rabbit-hole of endless possibilities or ceaseless planning. For dreamers, it’s easy to get carried off into the wonderful world of what if’s, and imagining how great life can be. The problem is, none of these help you get ahead. That is why you should commit to action over everything. This quote is shared by Sia Mohajer, the Marketing Director of Online Resume Builders.

                                Quotes About Business

                                1. business 01

                                  This quote is about not giving up when you fail. Learn from it and keep going. A quote shared by Henry Crespo, CEO of Grow Light Central.

                                  1. business 03

                                    This quote shows how strategy, execution, and engagement are connected. If you have a strategy, but don’t execute it, it becomes meaningless. And if you do execute it, but without your people on board, then you won’t have a good shot at success. This quote is shared by Jim Haudan, author of Art of Engagement.

                                    1. Business 02

                                      As an auto repair shop owner, Todd Eskow believes this mindset helped his company grow. He wants his auto shop to do more than fixing headlights. He wants to give his clients the total package- and you can’t commit to do that if you don’t have a proactive approach.

                                      1. business 04
                                        1. business 05

                                          Impossible and not possible are two different things. What may look like a crazy idea, very often turns into a great opportunity. Ask any startup founder! This quote is shared by Alejandro Aguilar. He is the CEO of Miami Business Consulting, Inc. and Forward Advisors.

                                          Quotes About Career

                                          1. career 01

                                            I know it takes a huge leap of faith to shift into a career you don’t have a formal education in. I am a practiced nurse of a few years, however writing is my passion. One day, I fell in love with the nitty-gritty world of digital marketing. I now work for Avanti Custom Home Builders as a digital marketing specialist. It was the best (and one of the hardest!) decisions I’ve ever made.

                                            1. careers 2

                                              It’s difficult to know what it is you’re looking for in a job. The same applies to relationships. It’s only after you’ve experienced a few, do you really develop an understanding of what it is that truly satisfies you. This quote is shared by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO of Hogan Assessments.

                                              1. careers 04

                                                It is important to step away, creatively recharge, and remove yourself in order to gain fresh perspectives. This quote is shared by Kate Morgan, Founder and Principal of Morgan Publicity.

                                                1. careers 05

                                                  Whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, what’s really important are the results you achieve. This quote is shared by motivational speaker and author, Barry Maher.

                                                  1. careers 03
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