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Penelope Trunk at Yahoo Finance gives her take on getting things done at the workplace. She posts 11 tips that will help you get through your perpetual to-do list and free up time for career-development, collaboration, and what she considers seeing the “big picture.” Penelope Trunk lists some points that tend to go unmentioned and may be considered a bit ununusual:

Delegate stuff you like.
You can’t delegate your unappealing projects because no one will want to do them. So find someone who wants to learn new skills, and teach him how to do your appealing projects.

Then you can get them off your plate, do your worst projects quickly, and line up to get something that will teach you new skills.

Use IM to be friendly, not efficient.
The reason Generation Y is so great at making friends is because they leverage technology to forge relationships. Instant messaging is great for this because it provides immediate satisfaction; who doesn’t like that in a friendship?

However, adults are too busy to multitask all day. When the stakes are not a term paper in history but the family’s mortgage, interruptions are more serious. So turn on IM when you’re networking and turn it off when you are solving problems.

Top Tips for Giving Yourself More Time – [Yahoo Finance]

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