Owen Marcus

Owen trains men to coach and lead men’s groups. His books and courses give men what they need to create the life they dreamt of. He is committed to men having their relationship flourish. Owen’s former holistic medical clinic treated professional athletes, Olympians, and stressed out professionals. This led him to start one of the first certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs in the country. Realizing how emotionally disconnected, blocked and resistant he was, Owen began a journey of emotional connection. Understanding the limitations of traditional psychological training, he took a deep breath and jumped into studying more innovative approaches. Owen dove into men’s work in 1995 because he wanted more from life. In 2005, he wanted more from men’s work, so he began developing what eventually became Evryman's unique approach. His new model of men’s work and men’s groups evolved into a book, a documentary film and a network of new men’s groups. His nonprofit, Men’s Corps, offers men ways to use this new model. Evryman.co provides men and their groups with a vast set of tools and support to succeed. Evryman’s personal and corporate trainings and coaching dive deep into upgrading how we use the power of emotional connections. Life and relationships don’t need to be a struggle. In every man’s genome are the instincts to thrive. We need the guidance we never had to activate our ancestral emotional intelligence.

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