Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson is a global adventurer and Freedomist who is on a mission to create freedom in business and adventure in life, for herself and 1,000,000 entrepreneurs by 2020. Natalie believes that you should be able to create your ideal lifestyle on your own terms and teaches entrepreneurs all over the world how to build an online business you can run from anywhere using online tools, social media and outsourcing. Based out of her suitcase for 6.5 years, with no home base, she now runs her multiple six-figure business from her laptop while living her dream on her lifestyle property in New Zealand, selling digital products and programs to help you save time and money to build a business you love that supports your ideal lifestyle. She has worked with thousands of clients to design a profitable lifestyle business they love and inspired her freedom fighting community to take action through her highly popular blog, podcast and lifestyle video series, as well as through events, retreats and speaking engagements. Originally from New Zealand, Natalie has citizenship in the United Kingdom, permanent residence in Canada, has travelled to 70 countries and lived on 5 continents. After getting two business degrees in just four years and mastering her marketing and business development skills over 8 years in the corporate world, Natalie went on to co-found a technology start up in Vancouver in 2008 which is now the number one fundraising application on Facebook. Among many other publications and media outlets, she’s been featured Yahoo Finance, The Guardian, The Age, New Zealand Herald, Huffington Post, Forbes, American Express Open Forum, Mashable, Visa Business Network and Social Media Today.

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