Jeffrey Howard

Jeffrey Howard is a Serial Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Coach and Consultant, Bio/NeuroHacker, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Musician and Producer Since 2000, Jeff has been CEO and Chief Visioneering Officer of MasterMind Mentor International, specializing in personal development, business training, and peak performance coaching. He has been fortunate to have lived a Renaissance Man styled life as a rock musician, singer and songwriter, music producer, author, speaker, photographer, chef, entrepreneur, business coach and researcher/practitioner of all things relating to human potential and peak performance, which led to a deep dive into becoming a biohacker and neurohacker (experimenting with all things relating to becoming superhuman, ultimately leading to you becoming your very best self… your version of SUPERHUMAN!). His personal mission is to help people create their Ultimate Dream Life... physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially by pushing through self-perceived limitations on every level. In 2019, he launched MasterMind Nootropics, a company specializing in customized, personalized organic nutrition and nootropic supplements (cognitive enhancement) for mind, body, energy, sex and sleep to help everyone live their very best life. You can learn more at and You can also access (FREE) Jeff's "77 Peak Performance Hacks to Optimize Your Life and Business" at

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