Ben Beamish

17 years old and a student at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School (year 12). I began writing short feature stories for my school newsletter when I was in year 10, and as I became more involved with my writing, I decided to take it further. In year 11 I became a freelance journalist for local newspapers: The Gold Coast Bulletin and The Echo. I have since been the administrator of a poplar 'vine' page on facebook, with a following of 300,000 people. During this time, I learned all about the nature of social media and online communication, and the true potency of 'the digital age'. Just recently, I wrote a short story for the Australian competition: Write4Fun, which is now going to be published in October in the book: Write As Rain, alongside a selection of other students compositions. I have an invested interest in creativity and social media, and hope to share my enthusiasm with the world as I continue to develop my online presence.

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