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Computer acting funny? It may be infected with a virus!

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Computer acting funny? It may be infected with a virus!

One great thing about computers is that they often warn us when something is wrong. Sometimes they suddenly slow down to a crawl, other times they start to freeze up or even crash for what seems to be no reason at all. Most of the time though, there is a reason why our computers start to act funny. One of those reasons is due to malware and viruses.

No one likes to have a computer virus, but if you do happen to catch one, it’s important to know the warning signs so that you can take care of the problem as soon as possible. Below, you’ll find 10 signs to look out for on your computer that may prove your computer is infected with a virus.

10 Signs Your Computer Has A Virus - Infographic
    If you have noticed one or more of the above symptoms on your computer, it’s time to take immediate action. If you don’t already have an antivirus program, then that’s the first thing you should do. A complete scan of your computer should take care of the problem.

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