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Remove a Splinter Using Elmer’s Glue

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Remove a Splinter Using Elmer’s Glue

If you’ve ever had a splinter then you know how painful they can be, and even worse, you know how difficult they are to remove. There are quite a few useful methods that can be used to remove a splinter. Depending on the size of the splinter and how far it is under your skin, some methods may work better than others.

In this quick video, you’ll see a really easy method that uses all-purpose non-toxic glue like Elmer’s. This method is painless and just as effective as other methods for removing splinters that are partially sticking out from the skin.

You may be familiar with other methods like using tweezers, a nail clipper, a needle, a potato, baking soda or even tape. Some of these methods may irritate your skin even more, so if you need to use an alternative method it’s important to be careful.

Everyone has their preferred method for removing splinters. What’s yours?

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