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I was under the impression that the noise we make when we sneeze is simply that: a noise. Apparently that is not the case at all, because the world is weird.

In English, we say “Achoo!”, though I’ve often heard people that just sound like they’re half lawnmower or like they’re drowning in porridge. In Vietnamese, the common sneeze-noise sounds like “Hat Xi!”, and in Korea they say “Eichi!”

Throughout Russia, they say “Apchkhi!” which looks very complicated, and in Turkey the sneeze of choice sounds like “Hapsu!”

“Achhee” is common in Hindi, “Hatchi” in German and “Atchim!” in Portuguese. Although these are all spelt differently, it seems as though we all make similar noises when we sneeze. Poland and Japan have decided to change it up a little but, the former managing to form the sneeze into “A-Psik!” and the Japanese daring “Hakushon!” which is what I’m going to attempt to sneeze next time I get a cold.

How To Sneeze In 10 Languages | James Chapman

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