20 Fashion Laws That All Men Should Follow


We don’t have to be as fashionable as Jonny Depp, the idea of fashion is to wear what makes you comfortable and feel good, however, there are some solid rules in fashion that we should not be broken. We have compiled a list of fashion laws (Yes, laws, not tips, nor suggestions) that all men should follow.

Rule #1. Don’t clip your phone or gadgets on your belt.

Batman wears a utility belt. He also wears his underpants outside of his tights.

Rule #2. Avoid wearing  square toed shoes.

Unless you’re after that Legoman look.

Rule #3. Get a navy blue suit 

It’ll make you look slimmer.

Rule #4. Get tailored suits and shirts. 

Not only makes you look smarter, it doesn’t make you look like someone who’s been on a crash diet and hasn’t had time to update their wardrobe.

Rule #5. Fat wallets don’t make you look rich; try to use a moneyclip

Nothing says ugly more than a big fat wallet.

Rule #6. Pink socks should not be wore at all costs. 

It makes you look like a dork.

Rule #7. NEVER wear socks with sandals… 

If you want to cover your feet, wear shoes.

Rule #8. Put your collar down and don’t open more than two buttons.

It’s not possible to have a cold neck and hot chest at the same time.

Rule #9. The color of shoes and belt must match.

Color coordination!

Rule #10. Only wear athletic shoes when occasions allow you to do so.


Rule #11. Wear clothes that FIT your body shape. Not too tight or too loose.

Rule #12. Two objects of similar but not completely identical color don’t look good together. Unless they are designed to fit together.

Rule #13. Never wear jeans with jeans jacket

Rule #14. Never wear jeans with light colored running shoes 

Unless you are Steve jobs.

Rule #15. Don’t wear pants that don’t let you walk in full stride

Unless you want to look like you’re constipated when you walk.

Rule #16. No clothes that come pre-torn. 

It makes you look dirty and a throwback from a previous era.

Rule #17. White socks and black shoes are a no-no.

Unless you’re Michael Jackson.

Rule #18. Do not wear crocs

Rule #19. Wear just enough cologne. 

Not the amount that makes everyone know that you are about to arrive

Rule #20. Do not mix too many patterns on your clothes

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