Zola Johnson

Z. Johnson is a Registered Nutritionist and Cosmetologist. She has been an advocate for healthy nutrition, beauty and lifestyle for more than 5 years. Zola is considered as well, a fitness enthusiast. Passionate for exercising and improving physical performance, she explores different ways to workout effectively, while achieving better fitness goals. For Zola,fitness and wellness are part of a lifetime journey, and can be achieved with simple actionable steps that adapt to your lifestyle. She strives to help people with their healthy eating, fitness and self-care habits with things that worked for her personal journey. Zola is an advocate of holistic wellness. She is a true believer that achieving lasting wellbeing involves more than healthy food and exercise. Z. Johnson is also dedicated to motivate and empower people to strive towards a better version of their wellbeing. Zola does not believe in "one-size fits all" diets, so her goal is to teach how to tune into your body, practice more self-love and have a healthy relationship with food. She is passionate about educating people on self-care, sharing experiences and best tips to healthier living in sustainable ways. Her motto is always "consistency over perfection"!

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