Tara Mazanec

Tara Mazanec, CPT, HHC, CYI is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Counselor, and Yoga Instructor, and the founder of the FIT Formula and Glow Strong Movement. She has nearly two decades of experience coaching people on how to take command of their wellness. Tara helps clients analyze their current lifestyle by identifying poor wellness patterns and then helping to create new habits that last. After almost two decades as a wellness coach, Tara uses her FIT Formula to help her clients glow strong inside and out. Many clients lose weight, gain muscle, and more importantly, increase their confidence, commitment, and consistency to themselves. MY MISSION “My mission is to engage and positively impact people to take relentless action to be more in command of their health so they can confidently implement a daily wellness practice or routine." -TARA MAZANEC

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