Stacey MacNaught

Stacey MacNaught runs a small marketing agency outside Manchester, UK. She started a career in digital marketing as a trainee in an agency with a masterplan of learning the ropes and then going freelance a year later. 9 years on, she was still with that agency having progressed into a board director's position. Over the past decade, Stacey has been invited to speak at conferences including MozCon Seattle, SearchLove London, BrightonSEO, Chiang Mai SEO and LearnInbound. But more importantly, Stacey is a Mum with 3 young sons. In 2018 (after her second son was born) she left her agency role and launched her own small consultancy in order to make life flexible enough that work would fit around family. Her first hire was her Mother. Ditching the commute and taking an office much closer to home, Stacey set about finding ways to get more done in less time in order to ensure she wasn't missing out on valuable time with her children. Over the last two to three years, she has tried and tested a whole host of productivity hacks and tricks with varied success. Today, Stacey is able to run her growing business, continue to increase her client base and ensure she get plenty of time with family. In her Lifehack posts, she shares the tricks she's tried and her own experiences of working smarter, progressing in your career and making work fit in with your family life.

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