Shabbir Evershine

Shabbir Evershine is a self-declared foodie, travel buff, gadget geek, and a voracious reader. His Instagram (@shabbir.evershine) profile feed is a testament to his passions. His wife, Rashida Evershine and two kids love to travel and play chess. When Shabbir Evershine was seven years old, he started a comic library outside his house on the sidewalk, loaning out Archie and other superhero comics for a small fee. That later expanded to books and other periodicals. Since then, Shabbir Evershine has been an entrepreneur, working on initiatives and startups from an advertising design firm, to stamp trading, to an online business directory before he turned 18. After doing his A levels from Karachi, Pakistan, he immigrated to the United States and completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Marketing from the University of Houston. Shabbir Evershine then immigrated to Toronto, Canada where he worked for three Fortune 500 companies as the Global Director of Project Management Office (PMO) before starting his own boutique consulting company, As the founder and CEO of RocketPMO, Shabbir Evershine consults with companies of all sizes in helping them evolve from a tactical, reactive, disjointed group to a strategic, proactive, cohesive powerhouse. He teaches senior executives how to manage projects with agility and raise the competency level of their people to accomplish amazing results.

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