Dr. Sergey Orshanskiy

Sergey, a Math Ph.D., has been programming since the age of 9 and held positions at several tech startups. At Bask Labs he created a novel food recommendation system subsequently acquired by Seamless/Grubhub. After seeing several failed teams, Sergey realized the problem was poor communication: many programmers and even senior managers had weak social skills. Years of study with experienced coaches and mentors allowed Sergey to level up and start sharing the magic of social skills with others. Sergey's understanding of adult learning also draws upon his 10 years of experience studying ballet as an adult, 5 days a week; experience performing on stage and teaching Argentine Tango; formal teaching experience at high school, college, and as a one-on-one tutor and mentor, as well as 8 years as a vision therapy patient.

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