Maxime Saar

Maxime is a 32-year-old blogger from France who is passionate about cooking. He has a very deep interest in healthy foods and finding healthier ways to prepare his meals. Quite concerned about the impact of food on our bodies, health, and the environment, he wants to learn and share his knowledge about making the right choices for achieving a healthier lifestyle. As a result, he launched his blog in 2018 to share his experiences and what he has learned over the years. All of his articles are the result of hours of research to provide you with the most accurate and evidence-based information. He recently teamed up with nutrition professionals Brianna (RD) and Sasha (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition), who ensure that all of the content he posts is accurate and up to date. So, if you are wondering: What foods to buy and cook to lead a healthier life? How to reduce your environmental impact? What healthier food choices can you make? How to improve your health or lose weight while enjoying food? Then head up to and follow Maxime's journey to healthier living. You will realize that you have the power of leading a healthier lifestyle with the help of food too. Follow simple steps and change some habits for the better!

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