Forrest Talley

I am a clinical psychologist who has been helping adults, teens and children for over 30 years. For more than 20 years I worked at the CAARE Center, a clinic within the University of California Davis, Medical Center. There I served in a variety of capacities including Co-Training Director, as well as Manager for the Individual and Group Therapy programs. Throughout those years I was the primary supervisor for newly hired staff therapists, for our psychology interns, and for many other interns who were completing their social work or marriage and family master degrees (this included over 120 trainees, most of whom were engaged in one-year intensive clinical rotations). In addition to the clients that I worked with in therapy, I also conducted psychological evaluations and taught seminars on various subjects related to clinical psychology (both at the CAARE Center and nationally). In 2008/2009 I deployed to Iraq and served as the primary psychologist for Joint Base Balad in Iraq with a population of 15,000 military and civilian personnel. In addition I traveled to many other bases in the Southern region of that country in order to supervise the work of others, and to provide direct services to military members. That year helped instill within me a deep and abiding affection for our nation’s military men and women (and to a much lesser extent an affection for the desert, cammo patterned casual wear, MREs, camels, and the sound of distant mortar fire... the stress is on 'distant') Invictus Psychological Services was started in July of 2017, immediately after I left the UCD Medical Center. My goal has been to take what I've learned from thirty years of clinical practice, teaching/supervising, and an understanding of current research, and use this to help adults, teens and who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship conflicts.

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