D'Vaughn Bell

D'Vaughn Bell is a millennial thought leader, writer, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Marqui Management, a business management consulting firm located in Allen Texas. Before starting his consulting company, he spent years as a certified personal trainer and motivational coach. From there he entered the United States Marine Corps. One of the things that make D'Vaughn an incredibly accomplished businessman is his writing. Writing between 60,000 and 100,000 words on one topic is grueling work. He's part of a small, select group of people in this world who have. Few ever succeed at writing one book, D'Vaughn has by the age of 24, written seven. This does not include the numerous ebooks on varied topics through the years. His books include: Honing A Powerful Mind, Crafting A Powerful Mind, Forging A Powerful Mind, Invest Now or Suffer Later, Forex: Trading The Depth of The Market, Millennial Leadership: Success With Leading and Managing Our Generation, and Millennial Influence: Excelling in Life and Leading Our Generation. His experience as an author, the time, research, the difficult sacrifices, fear, the determination to do whatever he needed to do to make his goal a reality; that's one of the things making him today's "go-to guy." Beyond the books, D'Vaughn has been writing and answering questions for years. You'll find his articles all around the web. From his personal blogs on dvaughnbell.com, to his company websites (bodybybell.com, globalcurrienciez.com, and marquimaagement.com), to Business 2 Community, Thrive Global, and now, LifeHack, you'll find his words of inspiration and wisdom relating to millennial leadership development (coaching, and training,) management consulting, brand development, marketing, and technology allows the reader to stay on the cutting edge of what works better than anyone else. Fulfilling his commitment to helping others succeed by inspiring positive change and mentoring, D'Vaughn shares his knowledge to make today's business world a better place. That's why D'Vaughn is considered by many as a real thought leader. He delivers information that is innovative and covers trends and topics that influence today's industries. Because of this, D'Vaughn's insights have been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Fast Company, Bloomberg Business, IBM, HuffPost, and many more. D'Vaughn's altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, manifested itself at the age of 20 when he created a scholarship fund to help those in pursuit of higher education achieve their goal for a better quality of life. The D'Vaughn Bell Scholarship Fund awards up to four $500 scholarships to students enrolled at institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in the United States and is his way to do some good for society. Coming from a long line of both military men and women, he volunteers and contributes to many established military and veteran charities. From his first business cards that were made of construction paper and simply stated "Advice for $.25 On The Merry-Go-Round at Recess," to the 200 plus websites he has built for people and organizations through meetings at Starbucks, to his newest office space in the beautiful and emerging Allen TX, D'Vaughn works with people in businesses of all sizes and stages to help them realize their dreams, hidden talents, and untapped profit centers. To date D'Vaughn has coached dozens of CEOs and works with multi-million dollar corporations to boost employee advocacy, develop leaders and then tap into unrealized potential through digital marketing, advertising and consulting. He provides a unique exterior perspective stemming from his sports background, military training, and time invested as an entrepreneur. Currently, he resides in Texas. When D'Vaughn is not working, you will find him traveling or relentlessly exercising.

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