Colton Black

I am a writer with the blog, that primarily focuses on the pursuit of becoming a better person and reaching an area of success/stability in life, from the perspective of someone who is still in that daily grind and process of reaching those goals. I've found that too many self-help and motivational blogs or podcasts are created by people who have already "made it" and can be difficult to relate to. With that in mind I created Likelyfiction as a place for individuals to come who are like me in that they want to be better humans but are still learning the information and establishing the skill set to navigate towards that ultimate goal. I have a full time career as Procurement Specialist which is how the bills get paid for my family but outside of that I love to write for my blog, record and create music, and chase my 2 year old daughter around the house. I spent most of my time at college writing for the Texas A&M University-Commerce newspaper (The East Texan) and have established a strong, well developed voice that I believe can positively impact a wide market of readers. Being a parent and husband has given me so much of the real world experience that you hear about as a young adult as I often face challenges across the board in those arenas of life. Though I'm only 27 I have a 2 year old daughter that keeps me on my toes and serves as my foundation of "why" I am pursuing this life long journey of being the best me. I realized that I can't preach to my kid about chasing your dreams if I wasn't serving as the case study for her to model after and so I've found myself inspired, energized, and hungry to chase after my dream of becoming a full time blogger. In pursuit of success and building a stable life for myself and my family I am working each day to develop my habits, mannerisms, and methods of living in an attempt to realize the life that I've dreamed about having for our family unit. I am an avid fan of music from the likes of Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and Wilco to Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole. My expertise exist in the area of maintaining motivation, in tending to a long-term relationship, and in parenting. Those are the areas that I primarily write about as they are the places where I have the most personal experience built up over my short lifetime. My hope is to help others who are facing internal struggles in growing and need a roadmap for how to be the best versions of themselves. I understand that being the best "you" is a lifelong pursuit and so I'm adopting my own tools and methods to ensure that pursuit is sustainable and make an aim to share what I learn as I journey through life with my readers. Likelyfiction is a blatantly transparent looking glass into my own life as I aim for my honesty to allow for others to take an honest look at their own situation, and start to make positive change for the better. If you are looking for a blog to lean on as a parent, a partner in a relationship, or just a human in need of motivation and hope, then my site is the right place for you!

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