Camilla Dempster

Camilla Dempster is Lifehack's Prenatal/Postnatal Expert. "I am a facilitator of change, co-creator of NLPerform and a little Ray of Sunshine. I’ve coached clients for over a decade throughout the world through face-to-face training, group training and online. My journey into coaching health and fitness hasn’t been straight forwards. Having been almost 100kg as well as almost 45kg I have had an unhealthy relationship with my body since my mid-teenage years. I yo-yo’d and have been uncomfortable in my skin for, truthfully, 15 years. I became a trainer quite selfishly – I believed that if I learnt how to get others into shape I’d be able to do that for myself. I remained a coach because I learnt that health and fitness was about so much more than looking a certain way. I coach because it allows me to change lives; I have a passion to help women through the journey to freedom from diets, self loathing and restriction towards self belief, empowerment and fun. During my time as a coach some of my proudest moments have been assisting clients successfully to full function after paralysis and many out of disordered eating/body shaming patterns. I really enjoy educating – sharing my own passion for living a fulfilled life via nourishing food, movement and mental strength. I look forward to helping as many people as I can to really commit to changing their lives towards freedom from the constraints of strict dieting, exercising and over-reaching to health. I believe everybody has the capacity to feel awesome, live their best life and build a healthy lifestyle."

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